I have been investing in the stock market since 2006 and have used numerous online brokerage accounts.  I heard about this company that does not take a commission when you buy or sell stocks.  I applied as a beta tester in December 2014 and recently was approved for my account.

They currently are on Apple ios app but they are working on their Android app soon.  I am a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 user and would love it when it arrives for Android.  I have invested in a few stocks for now, I currently have 15 shares of Disney stock (DIS) and 2 shares of Apple (AAPL) and will invest more as time goes by.

I know there are brokerage accounts that give 100 free trades or free trading for 6 months but nothing like lifetime free trading like the Robinhood App.  I highly recommend them for the average investor.  This app can save at least $4-10/trade depending on which brokerage firm you are currently using.

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Turn on any young millennials smartphone and you will see an app called Uber, Lyft or SideCar.  These RideSharing Apps make traveling very convenient, reliable, safe, efficient and inexpensive.


I am a huge fan of these Ridesharing companies because they make traveling on the go possible without any cash and are half the price of a taxi cab or less.  I believe Taxi cabs will become non existent in 5 years or less in cities where Uber and Lyft thrive.


Setting up an account is extremely easy and once you have your credit card, google wallet, apple pay or paypal information stored in your user profile with these Ridesharing companies you never have to pull out your wallet again.  If you have not tried Uber yet here is a promo code to try:  TBM89C   This code TBM89C can also be used if you would like to apply as a driver.

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Generating leads concept. Human hand in the center of inbound funnel shows that website visitors are transforming in leads of high quality.

Inbound marketing is like the holy grail of internet and digital marketing. Seriously, this form of driving traffic has revolutionized the way traffic and customers visit a business’ site and become fans and promoters.


Before inbound really became a ‘thing’ online marketing was the same old stuff as what we generally saw outside of the world wide web. Except instead of billboards cluttering up the sides of high ways, we saw paid for ads on the sides of our favorite websites home page.


Then, something great happened. Google BOOMED and took off like a shot. People began googling all of their questions and finding answers on blogs and other regularly updated sites. Once that became noticed, inbound marketing was born.


The premise behind inbound marketing is quality content will lead people to your site. And it’s true. The more high quality content you put up, the higher you will rank in search engine results, the more people who will see your site. It really is that simple.

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